Our Story
The project started in 2014, when the two founders of Trema decided they wanted to map craftsmen in Portugal. Being design enthusiasts, they drew some items they wanted to manufacture, kept an open mind and it all started.

Initially the concept was simple. To create exclusive series of high quality long lasting accessories that one could keep for longer then a while, using two main materials, silver and leather. In late 2014, the first collection hit the shops in Lisbon and the online shop was launched.
The direct interaction with manufacturers showed a loophole in the system: there are materials stuck in manufacturers' warehouses that are high quality and considered redundant - mainly leftovers. Finding ways to reuse those materials became part of our mission and we started to combine those materials with the usual others. Our thought process shifted into a fair and circular economy mindset.

We initiated our journey to find more redundant materials and create ways to bring them to good use - upcycling. That led to the latest metamorphosis of the Trema Project, our collective approach to the creativity and communication process needed consistent new input from fresh sources of talent.

We started reaching out to people external to our team and invited them to participate in the different aspects related to the creation of everything we do, from design to manufacturing, and many other elements related with our existence, and that is where we stand today, grateful towards all the amazingly talented people that allow the Trema Project to exist, in a new way, a collective way.

Products that last create memories.