The Project

Upcycling to create accessories & jewelry.
Curating our member’s talent.

We are creators. Master craftsmen, designers and artists co-creating meaningful objects.
Everything is made to last and inspired by Nature.
The creations of our
community inspire us.
Our curation includes a photo documentary Journal and access to exclusive member’s Creations.
We up-cycle to create
accessories and meaningful jewelry.
We curate what our members create
Let’s create. Beautiful and meaningful.

A platform for creation.

New ideas, new materials, new concepts.

We want them.

New techniques, new symbols, new ways.

We will find them.

Trema is an inclusive project.

We want to know you and your ideas With a single objective,
To create value, explore, express and find.

Photographers, Designers, Curators, Illustrators, Manufacturers, Artists.
Talent to create value.

Exploring, sharing, showing.
Let’s cross pollinate talent.
Get Involved.

Nature. Design. Quality. Heritage. Culture.

Designers, Artists, Creators, Manufacturers and Retailers, reach out.
Let's get creative.