Together for meaning and elegance

Fostering talent. Finding elegance. Best quality. Made to last. Supporting local. Promoting handmade. Master Craftsman.

Inclusive mentality. Limited editions. Upcycling materials. Responsible consumption. Circular value. Trusting the process. Being meaningful.

Praising Nature. Looking good. Grounded products. Finding new ways. More creativity. Finding Symbols. Sharing experiences. Community.

"What is taken by contemplation must be given out in love."

Nature does not hurry


We contemplate Nature’s beauty. Attentively, we observe, interiorize and feel the visual and emotional stimulus that nature offers. We intend to celebrate natural beauty throughout our productions.


Fresh, cool and simple designs. The objective is to create interporal designs for everyday items. We design what we consider significant towards a style of joy and finesse.


Quality is the main pillar of our existence as a brand. High quality products that create real to everyone involved in our business - our clients, audience, suppliers and teams. We consistently search for new elements within the process. Materials, ideas, talent, trends and so forth, with the objective of getting better quality.


Our activity implies constant interaction with artisans that master different techniques. Our products objectify the knowledge built over generations of material manipulation by our team of manufacturers. Our products represent all this heritage, locality and technique.


We are agents of culture, engaging with people that cross our creativity path. The more we look, the more we find. There is information everywhere and we want to share what we learn and find relevant. Our quest is to bring into our products the culture of their locality.

Doing good and looking good, feels good.

Designers, Artists, Creators, Manufacturers and Retailers, reach out.
Let's get creative.