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La vie by Pi

Based in Lisbon, Pi Jardine is a watercolor artist whose work focuses on painting memories. She illustrates special moments.
A live sketcher that works in all kinds of events, where she captures in quick watercolor sketches what is happening.
Handcrafted Concrete Art

Tosco Studio

Joana Esteves is the designer behind Tosco Studio. She creates using cement: from pieces of art to home decor.
At Tosco, each object is unique. Each one has singularities, details, and imperfections, living in perfect harmony in a celebration between two opposite sides - rough and polished.
Jewelry & Plastic Arts

Sebastião Lobo

Sebastião Lobo is an up-and-coming Portuguese jeweler and conceptual artist with a special aesthetic concept.
He has an unrestricted creativity and love for experimenting around with many materials. Sebastiao’s craftsmanship and talent, along with the otherworldly nature of his work is what sets this young artist apart.

Victoire de Lencquesaing

Victoire is a Paris-born artist who now lives in the heart of Lisbon and calls the city her own.
After studying Marketing in London and working for agencies, she found her passion for ceramics. Some of her creations include ceramic hands, as well as her dreamy Lapa apartment, which looks as if it is from a movie.
Visual Arts

Helena Calvet

Helena teaches Visual Arts in Alentejo, but was born in Lisbon in 1958 in the midst of a family of artists.
Her curiosity, her bewilderment, the desire to learn and also to teach, lead her to a constant quest for new art expressions such as lithography, collage, scenography, with drawing crossing all of them.
Ethical Designer Brand

Traces of Me

Pieces that embrace the feminine figure and transcend social constraints of size.
The mix and matching of colors and patterns is one of Teresa Martin’s gifts, the creative director behind T M. Her vision bases itself on creating versatile silhouettes and pure shapes that invite the body to breathe and flow freely.
Multi-disciplinary Arts

Evy Johkova

Evy Jokhova is a multi disciplinary artist whose main fields of study are social anthropology, architecture, philosophy and art.
From drawing to sculpture, installation to sound, film to participatory events, Evy defies the status quo, allows herself to be inspired by life and passes those experiences down to others through visual and sensorial art. Coming from a multicultural background, Evy is a citizen of the world with an appetite for life.