Silver and energy walk hand in hand.
A fascinating material that we love to work with.



Silver (or Ag, number 47 if the periodic table) has a long and entangled history with human existence. Silver is one of the first five metals to be discovered by humanity. Humans have been using Silver for at least 5000 years. Registries of silver usage for jewelry and decorative objects are found culturally across the globe. From China to Japan, throughout South America, Greece, Turkey, and Egypt, where Silver was more valuable than Gold. The Incas were expert silversmiths, they believed Gold was the sweat of the sun, and Silver came from the tears of the moon. Over 1.6 million tons of Silver have been mined throughout history. Volume-wise, it is a cube with a 55-meter edge, roughly as tall as a 17-story building. 


The creation process with Silver

Trema Silver creations are handmade by master craftsmen, using the ancestral traditional lost wax foundry process. First, the desired piece is sculpted. Then, the sculpture is used to create the respective hollow space in a mold. The mold is filled with wax and left to dry. The wax piece goes into an oven-proof container filled with plaster. Upon solidification, the container goes into the oven,  allowing the wax to melt, creating the space to be filled with Silver. When the metal cools off, the plaster mold is disjoint, and the raw creation is there, ready to be washed, assembled, welded, polished, engraved, hallmarked, packaged, and shipped. 



Scientists spray Silver iodide for cloud seeding to entice rain and try to control hurricanes.


Mexico is the leader for over a decade, ranking #1 as the world’s largest miner of Silver. In second place comes Peru, and the third palace belongs to China.


In the early 18th century, the German Physicist Johann Schulze produced the first-ever photography images using Silver.


  Silver Alchemy Symbols


Silver is energetically associated with sensitivity, calmness, purity, perseverance, and patience. The reflective color symbolizes a time of reflection, for an enlightened change of direction. Moreover, Silver is associated with the enhancement of intuition and clairvoyance.



Silver has a unique atomic structure. It is the best energy conductor, either for heat or electricity. Try placing a silver coin's edge on ice and you will feel how fast the coin gets ice cold. Known as versatile and antimicrobial, Silver is used for water purification and electrical circuits.   

As our cultural research deepens, we find new and relevant information about Sterling Silver. The journey that different cultural influences have on the meaning, usage, and symbiology of Silver is truly fascinating, and we will bring to our audience all we can find. After all, bridging ancient information to today's is part of our mission, for which we are grateful to have your attention and participation. Reach out to us with findings or information you perceive as relevant. We are waiting!